New bill aims to allow terminally ill patients in Del. to end their life

DOVER, Del. –  Some Delaware lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow adults with terminal illnesses to end their lives with self-administered medication.

Bill sponsor, Representative Paul Baumbach (D), says he introduced the bill because he feels it’s inhumane to force someone with a terminal illness to stay alive if they are in pain and suffering.

Even though the bill is in it’s early stages, we’re told there has been opposition from certain lawmakers, who say they don’t believe its right in any situation to take your own life.

Representative Baumbach wants to stress that this bill would only allow the individual themselves to make the decision to end their life…and that the individual would have to be of sound mind to make the choice.

Representative Baumbach said, “This is patient driven. Only a mentally capable adult or person who is dying can do this. They’re dying. This is not difference between life or death, this is the difference between death with unbelievable pain, or perhaps death with a little bit less where the dying person gets to choose their last day.”

This bill is still in the very early stages and is set to have its first committee hearing sometime within the next week.

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