Bill aims to punish drivers who illegally pass school buses


DOVER, Del. – In Delaware, one piece of legislation is hoping to catch drivers in the act who illegally pass school buses by allowing schools to use external camera systems.

The goal of House bill 121 is to protect kids as they are going on and off the school bus, something that should be safe all the time.

This bill would allow school buses to use external cameras in hopes of catching drivers illegally passing the bus,
something that Rep. Steve Smyk thinks could be a good idea since bus drivers cant always catch the license plates.

“If they get the tag number do they actually know what they driver looked like so the with a recording mechanism you can capture that at a later date and that’s the beauty of cameras as far as evidence,” explains Smyk.

Smyk says it could be a big step towards keeping our kids safe and cameras are also a great deterrent what you will see is people act better when they know that they are going to be recorded.

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