Town of Pocomoke City unveils new downtown redevelopment plan

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – The town of Pocomoke City’s wheels are turning as they try to create a plan that will help revitalize the town and breathe new life into their downtown area.

“We’re just trying to get up with the new times ,” said town manager Bobby Cowger.

For the past couple of months, a redevelopment plan to revive downtown Pocomoke has been in the works. Launched by town officials who say they want to use the blueprint as a way to attract more residents and businesses to the area.

“Growing up in Pocomoke you used to be able to go downtown and you could get anything that you could think of. We had consignment shops; we had convenient stores, restaurants,” said 1st vice council member Todd Nock.

The plan? To create a two story mixed use building. That would have commercial and retail units on the bottom, and condos at the top for retired or older couples, and millenials to live in. A plan that town officials say will allow residents in Pocomoke to stay in Pocomoke.

“We’ve had numerous people, retired people, older people, who’ve left and moved out of the area because Pocomoke didn’t offer anything ,” said Cowger.

While the plan is still in it’s early stages, officials say they can’t create their vision without input from residents.

“I think it’s a good idea. I think over the next year or so more details will come out about that. That was something we just learned about recently as a town,” said Leanna Pusey.

“I think it would look nice, if they put some new buildings in and they tear those old ones down. I would like to see some new ones coming to town, that would be really nice,” said Dean Merritt.

And while nothing is set in stone just yet, officials say they’re going over each and every detail to make sure the plan is fool proof.

“There’s still more work to be done, because we know that if it doesn’t meet the needs of the citizens it will fail,” Nock said.

Town officials tell us on Monday they created a planning committee who will go out to do a demographic survey to get more feedback from residents.

Town manager Bobby Cowger adds that now they’re looking for potential businesses who’d also be interested in leasing a space in the new building

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