Sixty Foot Rd. and Route 50 project finishes; Road opens up exactly on schedule

PITTSVILLE, Md. – A very busy intersection along Route 50 will have less congestion, now that a major project is completed.

Route 50 and Sixty Foot Road has been a danger zone for years but the State Highway Administration’s latest effort is likely to change that.

This project started back in the summer and since then, they’ve been reconstructing left turn lanes making them into sweeping turn lanes to work better with the signals placed. Plus, there used to be a caution light on 50 and a blinking red on Sixty Foot Road. They reconstructed the entire intersection adding full color signals all the way around.

This $3 million project was aimed for safety improvements to specifically reduce angle collisions because over the years, this area had seen dozens of accidents.

SHA says they recognize the impact that Route 50 signals can have on summer traffic, but they will control signal timing and adjust as needed during peak periods.

This project was slated for a spring completion goal, so they are exactly on schedule.

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