DelDOT prepares for race weekend traffic

DOVER, Del. – The weather may not be ideal for the upcoming race weekend in Dover, but that’s not going to stop thousands of people from driving in to town to catch a glimpse of the beloved NASCAR races, now in it’s 50th year.

The Delaware Department of Transportation says they are making preparations ahead of the influx of visitors.

They say they have plans to monitor traffic conditions throughout the course of the weekend and adjust traffic signals as they see fit.

If you don’t plan on attending race weekend but you need to drive through Dover this weekend, DelDOT suggests avoiding Route 13.

C.R. McLeod, the Director of Communications for DelDOT said, “Route 13 is the main corridor for anyone going to and from Dover Downs for the race. For local residents really using the west side of Dover, the POW MIA parkway is a good option to get around the congested areas.”

DelDOT says they’re expecting the heaviest traffic on Friday evening and then again on Sunday as people begin to leave town.

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