Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum unveils latest updates of Master Plan

ST. MICHAELS, Md. – The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has shared an update to Phase One of its new Master Plan.

Two small buildings will be torn down and from there, a new exhibition building will take over, which is almost double in size. We’re told the heart of the museum is their collection and that’s why this upgrade is crucial.

But they aren’t stopping there, other phases will include a new visitor orientation center, a museum store, and even an education building.

The museum curator, Pete Lesher tells 47 ABC, that they see 80,000 visitors per year and that’s why it’s important to invest in this master plan because they are an economic engine for Talbot County. “Those guests spend nights here, eat meals here, do shopping here and so we’re an important with the rest of the tourism industry, in this town and in this county and every dollar that we invest here has a rollover affect for the rest of the community,” Lesher states.

Phase One should be complete by 2021.

If everything runs smoothly, the entire plan should be finished by 2026.

In the meantime, they’ll have a community forum on June 4th, where you can see plans and renderings, but also ask questions.

If you’d like to contribute to this multi-million dollar project, you can find that link here.

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