Pile of debris at old Salisbury mall finally removed

SALISBURY, Md. – A site that’s been vacant for over a decade in Salisbury is finally getting some much needed attention.

The old Salisbury mall, which has essentially just been a big pile of rubble and debris will since 2004, will soon be removed.

Stone Tech, a Salisbury company, is turning the rubble into construction material. It’s the first sign of redevelopment for this property in quite some time.

“With the sale of the old mall property and to people that are actively pursuing development quickly, we’re really excited to see this pile has now been sold and is now being removed from the property,” explains Salisbury Mayor Jake Day.

Mayor Day says removing this building material is a huge sign that there’s plans for development of the vacant lot. The new owners and developers are looking at a possibility of a large mixed use shopping and residential development to fill its space.

A portion of the lot has already been re-purposed for Civic Center parking.


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