Maryland’s school start controversy ramps up

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Maryland’s Governor and the Lieutenant Governor are fighting back against legislators who are working to change when students return to school after summer break.

On Wednesday, the House of Delegates voted to pass the bill that effectively does away with the Governor’s Executive order mandating that public schools open after Labor Day.

The vote comes just days after the Senate passed the measure. With each chamber passing a veto-proof majority, the Governor and his supporters are now scrambling to find ways to stand up to Maryland’s governing body.

“We should put it on the ballot if it’s not on the ballot,” said Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford. “I would say to everyone, challenge your officials, your school boards and superintendents and tell them that you want to start after Labor Day. If they don’t vote them out”

State delegates passed the bill as emergency legislation,which means it would take effect immediately. Senators approved a version that would become effective July 1st. State leaders say it’s now up to both chambers to sort out any differences before it heads to the Governor, who is fully prepared to push for a referendum.

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