Seaford Police: Visibility up, crime down in 2018

SEAFORD, Del. – In 2018, there was no loss of life due to crime in the city of Seaford and on top of that the amount of petty crimes decreased.

“You can almost feel like it’s a safer environment out there,” says Seaford Police Chief Robert Kracyla.

Foot patrols, more community engagement, and better visibility. Those are some of the biggest changes the Seaford Police Department made during 2018.

Changes that are making a difference.

“People are calling us when they recognize a crime and that reflected into some numbers that are important numbers. So there’s been a decrease in robberies from 2017 to 2018, there’s a decrease in burglaries,” adds Kracyla.

And social media is playing a big role in fighting that crime. Seaford police started using Facebook as a way to interact with community members, a tool that’s actually helping them solve crimes, especially shoplifting.

“We’re able to go in and zero in on that suspect and now put it out on Facebook and generally we get a call within a couple hours and we’re making arrests.”

This interactive database called Crime View is also contributing to better policing.

“We can look at numbers and start deciding where are we going to concentrate our patrols and our efforts or special investigations, where we’re going to go with those kinds of things.”

It’s on this dashboard where officers can see the crime decreasing.

“So if we look at overall crime in a certain area, we get our hot spot areas. Now a hot spot that has been a deep deep red is now getting to be a lighter red and I think that has something to do with the fact that people are willing to call us now,” explains Kracyla.

New initiatives and changes that are making a real difference. Changes that Krycla hopes will continue into 2019.

“It’s been a positive change for us and we’re starting to see even people in the community coming up to us and saying I saw this, I saw that.”

Now although crimes like burglaries and robberies are on the decline, there has been a big spike in overdoses. In 2018, there was double the amount of overdoses, including 4 fatalities revealing the the opioid crisis is still hitting hard in the city of Seaford.

But police are also addressing that issue by equipping each officer with AEDs and Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of overdoses.

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