MD: Legislation introduced to change post-labor day school law; local lawmakers disagree

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Local lawmakers on the eastern shore say they’re gearing up for a fight to continue to make sure schools across Maryland begin their school year the day after Labor Day.  Earlier this month, democratic Senators Paul Pinsky and Nancy King both presented two individual bills that would undermine Governor Larry Hogan’s executive order requiring public schools start post-labor day. Pinsky’s bill would change law so that each school district could set their own start and end dates for the year. Meanwhile Senate Bill 131, proposed by King, would give county school board officials the authority to make those decisions without the approval from the school board.

“It’s good for families it’s good for employers so they know that they have their teenage workers up until Labor Day. I’m really concerned that we’re spending this much time on this and of course I will continue to strongly oppose it,” said Senator Mary Beth Carozza.

Carozza adds that the education health and environment committee had a meeting to discuss the proposed bills on Wednesday.