DSU employee and Venezuelan native offers insight on crisis in country

DOVER, Del. – A native of Venezuela – who is the current staff director at Delaware State University is speaking out about the crisis that is taking place in South America. Kevin Noriega says he still has family living the country who are dealing with food and drug shortages, rising crime, and more.
Recently President Donald Trump, along with a number of other world leaders officially recognized Juan Guaido as the country’s legitimate ruler instead of Nicolas Maduro which has caused some controversy. But Noriega says he’s happy with Trump’s decision and hopes that the country will find some way to change for the better.

“I am with Trump in regards with regards to that because I think that we do need some type of change and maybe I don’t know maybe a new person in power. Maybe that is the change that we need,” said Noriega.

Officials add that more than 5,000 Venezuelans are fleeing the country each day, and seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

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