Delmarva bracing for winter storm; stocking up on groceries

EASTON, Md. – Salt, bread, or even a dozen eggs are just some of the things people are stocking up on as the first winter storm inches closer to the shore.

Shopper Clayton Fisher said, “I just bought a dozen oranges.”

Whether it’s the classic storm staples, or something else shoppers are making sure their pantries are loaded to brace for winter weather.

But aside from groceries, some are even going the extra mile and preparing their driveways.

Tiara Downes said, “Salt. Salt salt salt! I already started salting. My dad said to wait but I jumped the gun I started salting the driveway and everything else just trying to get ready. I’m excited.”

Shopper Tiara Downes also tells 47 ABC she’s new to the shore and is waiting with bated breath for Jack Frost.

Downes said, “I’m not used to it. Most people are like ‘why are you so excited?’ and I say ‘I’m not from here. I’m excited for the snow!’ and they tell me, once you have to start scraping it off your windshield, you won’t be so excited.”

Fisher said, “I haven’t seen a rush for toilet paper and milk so maybe that’s some indication people aren’t expecting a big snowstorm.”

Others, like Clayton Fisher, tell 47 ABC it’s no big deal. They’re ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

He said, “We’ve got salt, we’ve got shovels, we’ve got everything we need. We’re in good shape.”

One shopper, Darnell Murray, said he loves hanging out inside as those flakes start falling.

He says watching people drive in it is the best part.

Murray said, “I sit back and watch from my window and I can tell who saved money or not. If you see cars come by, you know they have to go to work because they didn’t save money. If a car doesn’t come by that means you’re alright  you can stay home.”

And although we’re projected to get 3-6 inches, He says, “I’m ready for it. I want 5 feet.”

No matter how many inches of snow we get, it’s safe to say many have their own way of keeping warm during winter weather.

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