Slowdown expected in 2019

Salisbury, MD –

Salisbury University played host to a very important financial event on Friday.  The Southern Delmarva Economic Forecast, which spotlighted the gains, losses, and direction of Delmarva.

Overall the reports this year were positive and the takeaways were simple. We have to look for help, invest in our people, prepare for the future, and embrace our resources.

Economic officials say we have to ‘look’ for new opportunities. Like the Wallops Flight Facility our future depends on our ability to adapt and welcome in businesses and ideas from outside of the peninsula.

They also say we have to be prepared. We experienced moderate growth in 2018 and economic experts say we have finally recovered from the recession. They also say 2019 will be volatile and uncertain, adding that we may be just a few years away from another downturn.

Economic experts also say we need to invest in infrastructure, education, and health care in order to continue our financial growth. Simply put, we have to train students, retrain adults, and keep our people healthy.

Those who spoke at the hours long event in Academic Commons at Salisbury University also say we must embrace what we have. Economic officials say that we need to protect our assets by keeping our waterways clean, supporting our farmers, and incentivizing small business.

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