Salisbury officials celebrate groundbreaking of affordable housing addition

SALISBURY, Md. – It’s a shortage that officials say is affecting not only Wicomico County, but the entire country where families are having a harder time finding affordable housing in their communities. Which is why local officials say completing this next project will get them one step closer to solving the issue.

“I don’t think people are truly aware of the shortages and the challenges these families face,” said Penrose Regional Vice President, Ivy Dench-Carter

On Friday local community leaders, developers, and more celebrated the second and final phase of the Booth Street Redevelopment Project in Salisbury with a groundbreaking ceremony for the future location of the square at Merritt Mill Apartment Complex.

“Giving this community something new and vibrant and something that’s actually going to help the citizens of Salisbury is extremely important to me,” said Dench-Carter.

Officials say the project will provide 75 high quality affordable apartments for low income families who say there’s a growing demand for this type of housing.

“I’ve heard quite a few people speak on it and say they either can’t get in them because they’re full and there is a waiting list for about a year or two years,” said Salisbury council member April Jackson.

Which often can be a determining factor of whether or not families will have a safe and warm place to lay their head at night.

“Every day I see people struggle in my district I see them struggle I see the struggle,” said Jackson.

That’s why officials say it’s critical that this types of housing is continuously provided and available for local families and their children to ensure that they thrive in the community.

“They will be able to go to a school that’s got good ratings so that they’ll get that education that they may not get in an area where it’s concentrated, a poverty concentration, so that’s really important for kids and our families,” said Dench-Carter.

And although officials say this project still has a ways to go until its competed, they’re hopeful that this newest addition will have a lasting impact on the city of Salisbury and it’s families.

Officials add that they’ve had some setback with construction because of all the rain we’ve been getting, but they say despite the weather, they’re still on track to have everything completed by the spring of 2020.


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