Update on Chincoteague ponies recovering from swamp cancer

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. – On Wednesday, 47ABC was able to get an update on the Chincoteague ponies recovering from swamp cancer, a potentially fatal disease.

As of right now, we’re told the ponies affected are holding their own.

A vet recently paid a visit to the ponies and said a few of them have some secondary swelling following their surgery. Those ponies have since been given anti-inflammatory medication.

Swamp cancer is a fungal-like infection that can cause lesions on a horse’s lower limbs.

It requires surgical removal and so far, it seems the ponies are responding well to their treatment.

Denise Bowden, the Public Information Officer for the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company said, “They’re holding their own. We’ll see, it’s still a waiting game. We still got another at least three to four weeks of waiting to see if these procedures that we’ve done are going to work.”

We’re told lesions have already started to clear up on some of the ponies, which is a good sign for their future.

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