Racer seriously injured in Delmar Speedway crash

DELMAR, Del. – A Pocomoke man was seriously injured when his drag car crashed at the Delmar Speedway Saturday afternoon, now police are investigating.

Police responded to 37735 Raceway Road in Delmar, Delaware Saturday afternoon in reference an industrial accident involving a drag car at the Delmar Speedway.

The investigation revealed the driver, a 34-year old from Pocomoke, Maryland, was operating a 1995 Ford Mustang drag car.

The driver was in the left lane and was making a timed pass by himself.

The track was closed to the public and only open to the drivers.

During the timed run, police say he hit the eighth mile mark at a high rate of speed and suddenly lost control of his vehicle and struck a guard rail with his left driver’s side. The vehicle then struck the finish line post and went into a barrel role coming to rest on the vehicles roof.

The driver was wearing a helmet and restrained with safety belts at the time of the accident.

The driver sustained serious life-threatening injuries and was flown by the Delaware State Aviation Unit to the Christiana Hospital.

The Delaware State Police continues the investigation into this incident.

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