Proposed housing development could improve safety in Selbyville

SELBYVILLE, Del. – A problematic road in Selbyville could soon be cleaned up thanks to the preliminary site approval of a new development.

The new development aims to bring more affordable housing to the small Sussex County town while at the same time increasing safety in the area.

Polly Branch Road is an area some residents say is notorious for drug trade, but town officials believe the proposed development called Schooner Landing could make the road safer.

Stacey Long, the Selbyville Town Manager said, “The streets will be turned over to the town, so therefore yes, the town police will be able to monitor and frequent the streets on a regular basis.”

Right now when you drive along Polly Branch Road, you can expect to see overgrown brush, trash and even some discarded furniture along the road, but within a matter of years, this could all look different. It’s all thanks to the town’s preliminary approval of the Schooner Landing development.

Long said, “I think that it’s going to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to the community.”

Schooner Landing, located at the corner of Route 54 Lighthouse Road and Polly Branch Road, looks to feature 132 single family lot subdivisions.

Long said, “I’d like to say that this development is going to be a really good asset to the Route 54 corridor and obviously enhance the thriving communities that are surrounding it.”

In addition to providing more affordable housing in Selbyville, we’re told the developers are looking to make its intersection safer.

Long said, “If you’re coming from the beach area it is kind of a hard right turn, so I think there’s going to be some kind of realignment to that intersection to help with traffic.”

We’re told developers hope to begin building on this property by the year 2020.

Now that the developers have reached preliminary plan approval, they can begin working on getting state agency approvals so they can start to work on their construction plans. After that, they will resubmit for final plan approval. Once all that is done, the developers can begin building.

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