PRMC puts visitation restrictions in place ahead of virus season

SALISBURY, Md. – Officials at Peninsula Regional  Medical Center  are now putting visitation restrictions in place to protect patients and other visitors from the Respiratory Syncytial Virus. From now until about April children under the age of 12 will not be allowed to visit the PRMC Special Care Nursery and Pediatrics.
They say infants are most vulnerable to the virus, also known as RSV which can be spread through touching and hugging on toys, clothing and bedding.
They add that siblings under the age of 12 can still visit the hospitals mother/baby and labor and delivery units, but only after they complete a health screening.

“Some distinguishing features of RSV can include a gauging choking cough RSV actually clogs their air pipe that’s why babies are so susceptible because their airways are so tiny. We need to protect everybody that is a part of our unit, and our staff and our patients and having this policy in place will definitely help decrease the spread of RSV,” said pediatric medical director at PRMC, Lauren McGovern.

Hospital officials add that visitation restrictions are a common yearly practice for them during RSV season.

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