OCPD asking residents to register surveillance cameras to help crime investigations

OCEAN CITY, Md. – “We are asking for the public’s help,” said Lindsay Richard, spokeswoman for the Ocean City Police Department.

Ocean City Police are asking residents to register their surveillance cameras to help in active crime investigations.

“A lot of times when a crime occurs, our officers will have to canvas the neighborhood, look around businesses and different homes to see if there are cameras around. This would allow us to not [have to] knock on doors,” said Richard.

To help officers, all you have to do is give your contact info like your address, tell them where your surveillance camera is located at your house or condo, and describe what it sees.

“If a crime occurs in front of a surveillance camera, it gives us the ability to know who has a camera in that area,” said Richard.

Some residents, like some on 94th street, have already registered their cameras and police tell 47 ABC, they hope more will sign up.

“The longer the list gets, the bigger our database gets, the more helpful it will be,” Richard said.

“Anything helping the police to aid and stop crime, I think is a good thing,” Gary Ruth, a visitor, said.

While police find this registry very helpful to their investigative bureau, some think it interferes with their privacy rights and won’t effectively stop crime.

Marcus Johnson, who works in Ocean City said,”I don’t really want them to go too far back. I just want to make sure that they get the information that they need to catch the person they need to catch. I mean we have evidence and that really doesn’t stop crime either.”

Richard also said, “This is a totally voluntary program. If you don’t want to give us your information that’s totally fine.”

To learn more about the Surveillance Camera Registry program, click here.

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