Georgetown PD using data to keep drugs off the streets

GEORGETOWN, Del. – In Georgetown, one man was found with over 1,000 bags of heroin while driving on the Route 113 Corridor. Police pulled over 26-year-old Tyrice Thomas on 113 for trailing a car too closely.

It’s a traffic stop that turned into the seizure of 1,500 bags of heroin and six grams of marijuana. And while you think this could just be a lucky break, police say it goes deeper than that.

They say it’s all thanks to an application called Crime View, which shows police when and where crimes are taking place.

“We look at the data we can start to find out data from a couple points one is petty crimes. When you’re starting to have a large amount of drug use in a particular area the petty crimes go up, there seems to be that relationship that’s there,” explains Georgetown Police Chief RL Hughes.

Hughes says they also look for overdoses because when there’s an uptick they find it’s usually linked to an increase in drug distribution.

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