Edwards Christmas Village celebrates the “reason for the season”

LEWES, Del. – For almost three decades, a house in Lewes has transformed into a winter wonderland. And this year, Edwards Christmas Village is hoping to remind people about the “reason for the season”.

“What we want people to feel is we want them to feel welcome. We want them to have a good time. We want them to just enjoy what Christmas is all about,” said David Edwards, organizer of Edwards Christmas Village.

It all started out as four houses. Now it’s grown into 500. But this village serves a much larger purpose than you might think.

“This year we decided we really want to focus on the reason for the season. You know, Santa Claus is great. But there is a real reason for the season and that is Christ,” said Edwards.

Edwards says he doesn’t do this for the recognition or the money. He simply hopes to make a difference in the community.

“We decided we’d like to do some good for somebody. So we elected Jusst Sooup ministries as the charity that we would adopt. So ever since then, we’ve been doing it for Jusst Sooup,” said Edwards.

It’s because of generosity, like the Edwards family shows, that Jusst Sooup can continue the work they do for others.

“This is the season. Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time when people are so charitable. They’re very giving and very loving and very kind. And they give of themselves so they can help Jusst Sooup, which allows me to help other people which is a wonderful thing,” said Dale Dunning with Jusst Sooup Ministry.

“This is what Christmas is about. This is all races, all creeds, doctors, lawyers, trashmen, whatever. All getting together and doing something good for somebody and having a good time,” said Edwards.

Edwards Christmas Village is open during the first two weeks of December. They don’t charge visitors but they do ask that you give what you can to support Jusst Sooup, whether that’s non-perishable food, personal hygiene items or even money. To learn more about Edwards Christmas Village, visit their website here.

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