Local leaders visit Prince Street Elementary neighborhoods

SALISBURY, Md. – We all remember those Parent-teacher conference days when are our parents would have to head to our school and talk about our performance.

Well one school in Salisbury is taking a different path to interacting with parents. Instead of asking them to come to the school, the school is coming to them.

Prince Street Elementary has partnered with the City of Salisbury to knock on neighborhood doors Wednesday and say a friendly hello.

It’s all in an effort to bring the diverse people that live in the nearby neighborhoods together because believe it or not, Prince Street Elementary represents 15 countries and they speak 12 different languages. So making sure everyone feels welcome whether in the neighborhood or at school is a top a priority.

Prince Street Principal Jason Miller says, “We always want parents and we want our community members to know that the doors are always open. You can stop into Prince Street anytime even if you don’t have a child at Prince Street, you know, we’re more than welcome to give a tour or to share about the diversity of our school or what we have going on.”

On Wednesday afternoon, the group of city officials and community members focused on the kids, handing out snacks and waters as they made their trek home from school.

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