First time for NASCAR betting at Monster Mile

DOVER, Del. – “It’s a huge innovation for the sport,” said race fan Joshua Merrill.

Bradley Saucier, another race fan said, “I’m a big fan of sports betting and I’m glad it’s legal in Delaware.”

A new feature for race fans at the Monster mile, sports betting. The folks 47 ABC spoke to say it’s just another plus to NASCAR race weekend.

Caleb Klowas is placing his bet this weekend. He said, “It’s pretty cool to be able to come to the track and place bets instead of having to do it online. It’s cool to come here and actually watch it in real time.”

Fans will be able to place their bets right outside the track at the Delaware lottery tent, place wagers, go in and watch the race live. With that convenience, die-hards are betting it all on their favorite racer.

Saucier also said, “I’m putting my whole life savings on Kyle Larson. He was the fastest in the first practice and I expect him to lead every single lap.”

While it’s all in good fun, whether you’re betting your life savings or the $2 minimum wager, the Delaware lottery wants to make sure you’re up to speed with betting tips.

Joseph Nofsinger, with the Delaware Lottery said, “If you gamble with your head, and do it smart, it’s a good way to go and it’s fun. You have the opportunity to win something back and a portion of the funds go to the state.”

Whether you win or lose, a portion of proceeds from this weekend’s betting in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series go back to state projects and services, and 47 ABC is told it’s an exciting new feature that officials hope will keep race fans coming back.

Nofsinger also said, “It brings a little more interest to the race itself you can not only sit here and watch the race —but you have a little investment into the race now. It means a little more to everyone that comes here.”

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