Phase one complete at Tidewater Park

LAUREL, Del. – Some residents are raising concerns about an addition that’s come as part of the creation of Tidewater Park.

The new park and riverwalk will have widened sidewalks, but as part of the construction phase the town had to create this new bioswale to help with runoff and flooding issues.

And residents we spoke with aren’t too keen on the way it looks.

“I guess so far so good but the standing water that they have down there right now is more of a mosquito pit than anything else and that’s kind of a hindrance to everybody in town,” Kim Littleton, a local resident.

But many say they’re interested in seeing how the completed project turns out. Laurel Mayor John Shwed tells 47 ABC they are just waiting for funding to start phase two, which will be for new sidewalks along the riverfront.

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