National Guard supplies Dorchester County with high-water vehicles during flooding

The State of Maryland is helping Dorchester County with its emergency response to flooding this weekend.

In Cambridge, eight armored high-water vehicles are stationed ready to go if they’re needed in emergency situations.

The vehicles were supplied by the national guard and will help the police, fire and rescue staffs in Dorchester.

We’re told they will be used in cases such as medical emergencies or if folks need to evacuate their homes and the water makes it otherwise impossible.

“If someone feels as though they have a medical emergency, they need to get out and they feel like their vehicles can’t make it through the high waters, this is provided for them, as well as the services we already have,” said Jeff Trice, the Public Information Officer for Dorchester County Emergency Operations Center.

These armored vehicles will be stationed in Cambridge until at least Sunday, but we’re told they will stay longer if they are needed.

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