Del. Republican congressional candidate Scott Walker speaks on “fat shaming” video

DELAWARE – With the primary in the rear view mirror, Delaware voters may be taking a break from politics, but the candidates and their supporters are not.

Whether it was by accident or intentional, a video shared on Facebook seven months ago is now surfacing and it has placed Republican Scott Walker in the spotlight.

Walker is set to challenge Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester for a seat in the United States Congress, but it’s likely that he’ll be talking about the 30 second recording long after the results are counted in November.

His recording said quote:

“Okay Facebook friends, this is a model in a store in the Quakerbridge mall and this is a photograph of a model okay? And the model is very, very obese and this is a protest that we should not get the idea to be unhealthy that to me is discrimination against women and that’s the end of my post.”

That video isn’t sitting well with a lot of Delaware voters and now people across the country, who say that Walker was fat shaming.

47 ABC spoke to Walker who says, “I did not articulate in parse my words necessary in the video, so the message was unmistakable, so that’s the mistake I made however I’m not going to change the video because that’s why I’m running for office. I’m running for office because I care about Americans.”

Walker says he wants to raise awareness and help Americans make nutrition and healthy habits a priority. He says his desire to do so was born out of his own experience of being overweight.

According to Walker, he believes the photo of the model was a marketing technique, a tactic cigarette companies once used to suggest that smoking or in this case, in his opinion, a lack of nutrition is cool.

“I wish I would have repeated it about four times in the video. This isn’t about appearance this is about health. I wish I would have said it about four times.”

Walker tells us that if he gets selected during the general election, he will address this perceived problem. But until then, he says he can handle the backlash. “We want the haters, we want them, we want them as many as the people who support me. So keep it coming. That’s how America is, free speech, speak your mind, I don’t care what you say to me. I’m honored, I’m humbled to hear it from the haters.”

Walker says he understands why people are upset but he believes his message is there to promote a better lifestyle.

We’ve reached out to his Democratic opponent Lisa Blunt-Rochester, but we have not gotten a response. 47 ABC also asked for a statement on behalf of the GOP and his primary opponent, Lee Murphy, but we also have yet to hear back.

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