Sneak a peak walk preps downtown for National Folk Festival

SALISBURY, Md. – As we countdown the days to the national Folk Festival in Salisbury, you may be wondering: where are the bands playing or where can I get the best spot to catch all the action?

The Wicomico County Health Department will host a “sneak a peak” walk to help you plan ahead.

The walk will take you through downtown Salisbury and show you key points of interest including food vendors, performer stages, and even the bathrooms.

Health department officials want to get the community moving, more so walking, to stay fit and active.

With prizes and “swag” as well as a raffle, the walk is a win win for everybody: exercise, free stuff, and you’re one step ahead of all the other festival-goers.

Jennifer Johnson with the Wicomico County Health Department said, “It’s very important that people try and stay active and get out and walk more.”

Johnson also said, “It’s just a neat way for you to have a lay of the land before the actual event happens.”

The walk is on the Tuesday September 4th and you can register online at The meeting place is at the downtown Salisbury parking garage at 5:30 p.m.

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