Maryland suspends prison visits

Maryland suspends prison visits

MARYLAND – Prisons in Maryland are suspending down visitation hours indefinitely after reported illnesses in Ohio and Pennsylvania correctional facilities.

According to a release by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, the state has temporarily suspended visits at correctional institutions. The move comes as a security measure after staff and inmates at prisons in the two neighboring states were sickened by illness and possible drug exposure.

Department Secretary Stephen T. Moyer says the following precautions are being taken to ensure the safety and security of employees and inmates at the prisons:
– No prison visits until further notice.
– Mail will be accepted at facilities but not opened or distributed.
– Staff has been advised to use all provided protective equipment.

In Pennsylvania, prison staff was reportedly sickened by an unknown substance while in Ohio state officials are reporting that that 20 correctional officers and inmates at a prison in Chillicothe, OH suffered possible drug exposure.

There have been no reported incidents in Maryland at this time however the safety measures will remain in place until further notice.

The Department is hoping to resume visiting hours by the weekend.