New bill aims to prevent people from using drone’s to invade privacy or harass others

We've all heard of peeping toms, but a new Delaware bill currently making it's way through the Senate deals with peeping drones.   

After a Delaware woman was continually harassed by her neighbor's drone on her own private property, Representative's realized they needed to take action. 

That's why they crafted House Bill 328, a bill that would create new law that would make it a crime to fly a drone to harass someone on their private property or in any way that invades their privacy.

Representatives say this bill that is long overdue.

Representative Edward Osienski (D) District 24 said, "If I walked up to somebody's window and started peering in, there's privacy laws on the books, there's no trespassing laws, but there currently is nothing on the book saying somebody could fly a drone up to that window and also video, so I felt like this was a piece of legislation that would address that."

Under the new law there would have to be evidence of clear intent of harassment and invasion of privacy.

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