Improvements on the way for Maryland’s roads

Maryland Roads

Local legislators say the latest budget proposal, approved by the General Assembly, will have an immediate impact on roads across the Shore.

According to Delegate Carl Anderton, an increase has been on his wish list for five years. But it wasn't until now that he, and others, had the support needed to move forward. 

Anderton says House Bill 807, which is designed to restore highway user revenues, passed through the house and is now headed to the senate. 

Anderton says that if it signed by the Governor it will set hard numbers in place for the next five years moving forward, giving back to local municipalities and counties throughout Maryland. 

"Finally, we are starting to be able to catch our breath and see some infrastructure improvements a lot of roads need paved and sidewalks fixed. So we are at the point now where we can start to make it happen," said Delegate Carl Anderton Jr., District 38B (R).

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