Pharmacies experiencing Tamiflu shortage

The only medicine fighting the worst flu season in nearly a decade is running out. 

Local pharmacists say we are experiencing a shortage of Tamiflu due to the high volume of people purchasing the product.

Tamiflu can be used to either shorten the duration of the flu from around 10 days to just 5 days, or it can be used for prevention purposes.

Pharmacists say the kids liquid version of the drug is experiencing the biggest shortage, which goes to show how bad the flu season has been this year.

Craig Schury, the Owner of Pemberton Pharmacy in Salisbury said, "Yeah, it's been a really bad flu season so what we're seeing is that it is hard to get. If you do a little work you can sometimes get it or if it's in stock you just order a lot more than you normally would so that you have it when this time happens."

The Pemberton Pharmacy in Salisbury still has Tamiflu available for now.

If you are unable to get your hands on the medicine, however, pharmacists say you can still buy traditional cold medicine to help you with your symptoms.

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