Mixie and Pixie were part of a five kitten litter born with the Delaware SPCA, and can be adopted together or separately through the Delaware SPCA in Georgetown

fifteenth — in an effort to unite our viewers — with their potential furry best friends. today– we take a look at baywater animal rescue in cambridge. all dogs 1 year and older are $50. all adult cats are $10. all kittens are $25. all black or black & white cats & kittens are free! if you want to check out more about the offers– at baywater– call them at 410-228-30-90. now — it is time for pets on the plaza — where we introduce you to homeless shelter pets — looking for their forever families. today — we meet mixie and pixie. here’s 47 abc’s leanne guyette. these little kittens are mixie and pixie. they are around 5 months old. mixie and pixie were part of a five kitten litter born with the delaware spca — but are now the only ones left of their family. they can be adopted together — or separately. this sibling duo can be on the shy side — but do warm up with affection. mixie — the brother — even got a little playful at one point! pixie was the more reserved of the two — but did eventually settle in. she loved having her back and neck stroked — and probably would have sat on the table purring for hours. both kittens have very unique markings — and almost look like tiny versions of a leopard or lynx. mixie and pixie have gray — and brown fur — with black stripes and spots. pixie particularly has gorgeous specking across her back and a bold black strip running from her neck to her tail. mixie has a more traditional tabby coat — with very pronounced striping. both kittens have sweet brown eyes — that seem to tell a story. these two will likely do best in a quite home — where they can have ample time and attention to help get them adjusted to their new surroundings. can you find room in your heart for mixie or pixie? for 47 abc — i’m leanne guyette. mixie and pixie are available for adoption through the delaware s-p-c-a in georgetown. they can be adopted separately for just seventy five dollars each. both kittens have already been fixed — and are up to date on their shots. for more information about mixie or pixie — call the s-p-c-a at 302-856-63-61. coming up we’ll have a look at what’s coming up on g-m-a.

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