Buffy is a 6-month-old cat available for adoption through the Humane Society of Somerset County

of their forever homes. today — we meet buffy. here’s 47 a-b-c’s leanne guyette. this gorgeous ball of gray fur is buffy. she was dropped off at the shelter with her mom and litter-mates — when she was just a tiny kitten — and is now six months old. she’s since grown into a big healthy girl — and is ready for a forever home. although her coat looks mostly gray — she does have very cute striping on the backs of her front paws. during her visit to 47 a-b-c — buffy spent most of her time trying to become queen — ruling the table from atop her throne. when she felt secure in her kingdom — she made her way down — and allowed herself to be loved. she strolled around our table — with her head held high and her long fluffy gray tail in the air. i did get her to purr — and kneed her little gray paws — both signs that she was having a good time. buffy enjoyed having her back pet — along with having the little tufts behind her ears scratched she eventually turned into a puddle of love in my hands. one look into this girls big yellow eyes — and she’ll have you wrapped around her big gray paws too. can you find room in your heart for buffy? for 47 abc — i’m leanne guyette. buffy is available for adoption through the humane society of somerset county — for a fee of fifty dollars. and if buffy isn’t your style — the shelter says they have lots of other kittens available — in all colors and coats. for more information about buffy or other available kittens — contact the humane society at 410-651-24-24. coming up we’ll have a look at what’s coming up on g-m-a. and —

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