Md. Officials eye roadway conditions after storm

Many of the major roadways on the Lower Eastern Shore are plowed, but we’re not completely in the clear.

According to the State High Administration (SHA), officials worked through the early morning hours to clear roads tackling shoulders and intersections.

The issue now is wind, which can blow the now right back onto the roadway.

There’s also the risk of refreezing, according SHA official Gee Williams.

“Tonight, with temperatures dropping, there’s a good chance some spots may refreeze and that’s awfully hard to detect even when you’re driving slowly.” Says Williams.

According to the Salisbury State Police, they responded to 16 crashes and 6 disabled vehicles in Wicomico County because of weather conditions. This all happened between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Areas like Worcester County did lift their snow emergency plan at 4, but officers say you should still be extremely cautious while driving especially after dark.

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