Trial Against City Mayor Begins

SALISBURY, Md. – Day one of the two-day trial against the Salisbury city mayor started on Monday, as a visibly upset former city employee took the stand.

After working for the city of Salisbury for six years, Lore Chambers was fired on July 12, 2013. Chambers told the jury she had reportedly submitted an application for the City Administrator position, vacated by John Pick who had announced his resignation in April 2013.

Chambers claims Ireton came into her office, as she describes “flushed and agitated”. This was apparently, because she applied to the position before it was publicly posted. According to Chambers, the mayor's actions reportedly went from agitated to violent. She claims he had trouble closing her door and began kicking the doorstop, ultimately breaking it before slamming the door shut. He says he cornered her at her desk with clenched fists, shouting at her. Chambers told jurors she immediately notified city council members and sent a letter, as well, detailing what she said happened.

During cross examination, Ireton's attorney Kevin Karpinski, attempted to poke holes in that testimony.  Karspinki questioned why Chambers didn't she press the panic button underneath her desk, if she felt threatened. Chambers tells the court, she did not want police to mistake her as the aggressor.

The defense attorney also pointed to the letter Chambers wrote saying there was nothing in it that documented the apparent violent behavior.

Mayor Ireton claims Chambers was fired after she refused to accompany him to Human Resources after the alleged incident.

Despite the letter and what the defense claims are discrepancies her story, Chamber's lawyer, Neil Duke, remains optimistic.

“What I'm confident about right now is that the truth is going to be told. She's waited a long time to get her story across and now is that opportunity, so we're looking forward to another day in trial.” Says Duke.

47 ABC reached out to Mayor Jim Ireton, and he declined to comment. 

Shortly after 4:30 p.m. on Monday, court was declared in recess until 8:45 a.m. Tuesday where Karpinski will proceed with the unfinished cross-examination.

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