Two Years Later, Susie Stiltner’s Family, Investigators Still Have Hope

SALISBURY, Md. – Two years after her disappearance, Susie Stiltner, is still known as the nice woman who rode around Salisbury on a bike, and one day, vanished.

“We went looking around for her, we've never seen her anywhere,” says Lisa Beach, of Salisbury, Maryland.

Stiltner has been missing for two years, and will turn 45-years-old on Friday. According to the Wicomico County Bureau of Investigation, there are no new suspects, leads, or any clear indication of where she may be.

“Her birthday, it's even harder for me. I've cried everyday,” says Rachel Stiltner, Susie's sister.

“To be gone this long is very abnormal,” says Corporal Durbin Hamilton.

Susie reportedly came to Maryland from Florida in 2006, homeless. She had her daughter Amber, now 19, live with Rachel, who could only support one of them financially.

Rachel says the two were close, but from time to time, would fight. For that reason, when they got into an argument in late July 2012, Rachel never imagined it would be the last time they spoke.

“She could stay mad at me for a couple months but she would not go that long without speaking to her daughter,” says Rachel. “Finally I said, ‘I'm calling the police.' She was gone.”

Corporal Hamilton was contacted by Rachel in October 2012. She says she quickly learned the places where Susie frequented throughout Salisbury, were also wondering where she went. Among them, Lower Shore Friends, where she had coffee every morning, the 500 block of North Division Street, Go-getters, and HALO, where she had dinner every night, had no sign of her. Even four separate interviews with her Susie's boyfriend did not give any leads.

“There were no enemies, no foul play at the time, everybody said she was a very nice person,” says Corporal Hamilton.

“She was a very generous person in spirit and very empathetic , friendly,” says Rachel. “Susie would give someone the shirt off her back. Despite everything, she would try to stay positive, she was doing the best she could with what she had.”

Susie reportedly had a history with drugs and some health issues, including depression, but Corporal Hamilton says she does not believe either play a factor in her disappearance.

With family up and down the East Coast, she believes Stiltner could be anywhere from Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia, to Florida. For that reason, she is sticking by Susie's family, and not giving up the search.

“I think about her every single day,” says Rachel. “I will always hold out hope that she's going to come back one day.”

Anyone with any information about Susie Stiltner or her whereabouts are asked to call the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation at 410-548-4894. You can call Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore anonymously at 410-548-1776.

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