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Kathleen McGuiness wins Auditor of Accounts in DE

DELAWARE - Democrat Kathleen McGuiness has been declared the winner in the race for Auditor of Accounts in Delaware. She defeated Republican James Spadola. McGuiness brought in a total of 205,611 votes (58%), while Spadola brought in 149,479 votes (42%).

Ben Cardin wins U.S. Senator race in MD

MARYLAND - Democrat Ben Cardin has won the race for U.S. Senator in Maryland. Cardin received a total of 1,318.005 votes (64%), while Republican Tony Campbell received 656,456 votes (31%). Neal Simon brought in 79,028 votes (4%), and Arvin Vohra…

Stephen Smyk wins State Rep. Seat in Delaware for District 20

DELAWARE- Republican Stephen Smyk has been re-elected as a member of the Delaware House of Representatives for District 20. Smyk received a total of 8,187 votes (56%), defeating Democrat John Bucchioni and Green Party Candidate Harry Smouse Jr.

Charles Otto wins seat in House District 38A

MARYLAND - Republican Charles Otto has defeated Democrat Kirkland Hall Sr in the race for House District 38A. Otto brought in a total of 8,209 votes (60%), while Hall brought in 5,578 votes (40%).

Andy Harris wins MD Rep in Congress race

MARYLAND - Andy Harris has been re-elected as Maryland Representative in Congress, defeating Jesse Colvin and Jenica Martin. Harris received 176,595 votes (61%), while Colvin brought in 109,617 (38%), and Martin 5,420 (2%).

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