ECHS to open middle school, getting students ready for college

DOVER, Del. – On Thursday, 47 ABC checked in with Delaware’s only early college high school to see how far it has come since opening.

“And every adult I talk to says I wish I had an opportunity like this when I was in high school,” says Principal and Head of Early College High School at DSU, Dr. Evelyn Edney.

We’re told no matter where a student lives in the state, they have the opportunity to attend ECHS and earn up to 60 college credits, which they can take those credits to any college or university, but specifically Delaware State University.

“We’re allowing them to take that first step in higher education and it changes the way your life is going to be,” says Dr. Edney.

Besides the ability to graduate college earlier, we’re told it take some pressure off of families’ wallets. Jackie Griffith, who is responsible from the University side for the oversight of the ECHS program tells us, families can save up to $40,000 with this opportunity.

“But with this, you know you can actually send your kid to college because they’ve done the work, they’ve maintained their GPA, they have completed community service and continue to do community service and meet all the other requirements,” says Griffith.

Griffith says, whether the student wants to be a doctor or a lawyer, this school opens up opportunities to make it happen. Since the school’s opening back in 2014, the school now has plans to open a middle school for 7th and 8th-grade students.

“We plan to kind of start our college-going culture or hornet way and instill that into the students in the middle school and then keep that pride going as they’re moving into high school,” says Dr. Edney.

We’re told each student receives a specific class curriculum as they move through high school, setting them up for the best possible transition into college.

“They know the environment, they know the campus, they know what’s expected of them and they fit right in, so I think it’s a great fit,” says Griffith. Dr. Edney adds “I’ve been in Delaware Public education for 31 years and I tell everybody turning a 14-year-old into a college student overnight is the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life, but it’s the most rewarding.”

Now school officials also tell 47 ABC, they’re hosting open houses for students and families who wish to attend the middle school opening in the fall of 2022. We’re also told plans are still in the works for the permanent placement of the high school and middle school, but it will be somewhere on DSU’s downtown campus.

To learn more about the school and open houses, just click here.

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