Weather Tidbits: Weather Fatalities

The 2 weather events known for producing the most fatalities are flood and heat. Flood can be a killer usually as means of escaping it disappear by either car or home, but it’s preventable while driving by turn around, don’t drown. Heat is another weather casualty due to either children forgotten in vehicles or limited access to air condition. Rip current fatalities while a fairly new statistic; it has been on the increase due to occurring usually on sunnier days, but the influence of a storm more likely a tropical disturbance is hundreds to thousands of miles away producing them. Tornadoes fatalities can vary year to year due to activity, while lightning has been on the decline. Hurricanes has also produced a decline of fatalities due to heeding those warning by securing your home, evacuating from your area to a shelter or far away but also stronger building codes.

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