Maryland Food Bank to receive more funding as the need for food increases during the pandemic

MARYLAND- In response to the state trending in the wrong direction, Governor Larry Hogan announced this week new and renewed restrictions, as well as new relief efforts.

In fact, Thursday, the Governor announced that $10 million in CARES act funding would be distributed to area food banks that have already been stepping up to battle food insecurity.

The Maryland Food Bank says this money is going to go a long way, as the demand for food remains strong.

So far, they have already spent $16 million on food, which is about a 400% increase from their normal spending.

We are told as of right now they are on pace to distribute 83-million pounds of food, which is a historical level for them and well beyond what they budgeted for.

In addition to this, they said they anticipate they will need $28 million to be able to sustain that pace over the next 12 months.

And while it’s uncertain how the pandemic is going to shake out the food bank said they feel the need for food will only increase.

“Even if the economy gets a little bit better, we anticipate that this need is going to continue to be at this heightened level for an extended period of time and really the holidays have probably some level has increased a demand, but frankly unfortunately food insecurity has become a year round issue,” Carmen Del Guercio, Pres. and CEO of Maryland Food Bank, said.

The Food Bank added that while donations are helpful they can’t just rely on those so they are buying more food than they ever had to before, which is a challenge as food prices have increased as well.

The Food bank said they are grateful for the volunteers and financial support they have received so far.

They said going forward they are going to look at more ways to distribute food to areas most impacted by the pandemic.

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