Maryland State Highway Administration is ready for the winter season

SALISBURY, Md. – Winter is right around the corner and the Maryland State Highway Administration is prepared.

Charlie Gischlar, a Spokesperson for MSHA said, “We are completely stocked up and ready to go.”

Right now MSHA says they are armed with almost 2 million gallons of brine, nearly 3,000 employees and about 2,700 pieces of equipment, but there’s more. SHA has tons of road salt on hand ready to handle any snow that comes to Maryland.

Gischlar said, “So whenever it does hit, we are going to be out there doing the plowing operations and then the salting and of course the pre-treating. You’ll start to see the pre-treating in the days before the storm.”

Since SHA has finished preparing for the winter season, they’re now encouraging drivers to do the same.

Gischlar said, “Make sure your vehicle is road ready. Go out and look at your tires, make sure they have adequate tread.”

As plow trains (a group of plow trucks) hit the road this winter season, MSHA is also reminding drivers to stay at least two or three car lengths behind them for their own safety.

Sidney Johnson, the Resident Maintenance Engineer for MSHA said, “We ask the public to really be aware and try to, if there’s a plow train there, stay behind, be safe and let us do our job.”

The next time there’s a snow storm, you can actually see where plows are on the roads by logging onto

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