First Salisbury University undergraduate academic journal; presented Thursday evening

SALISBURY, Md.- For the first time ever, Salisbury University students collaborated on an undergraduate academic journal and they had a launch party Thursday evening, at the SU library, to show off their work.

Salisbury University students put their creativity to the test and created something that they hope will bring a new image to the university.

“What we’re trying to do tonight is to really change the image of the university, we want people from the outside to look at the university and see that we’re an emerging presence in student led research and creativity activity,” Harrison Leon, Editor-in-chief of “Laridae,” said.

Students were excited to present the community with what they’ve been working on for over a year now, the first ever student academic journal, known as “Laridae.”

“First research journal in Salisbury University’s history and so it’s important to note that really that students are going to have a new platform to showcase all their work, all they’re hardwork and its gonna be able to reach every corner on campus,” Leon said.

The idea was formed about a year and a half ago. A student organization was then put in place to house the journal, and from there it took off.

“Im thrilled that this is finally came together, I mean we’ve been working on it for over a year and when the idea got pitched I never imagined it would be as amazing as it is now,” Austin Dabbs, SU chemistry student, said.

Students said “Laridae” is very diverse, as it composes 12 manuscripts, as well as three art installations from the same artist.

“The idea is to kind of create and interdisciplinary journal that showcases all of the work going on at the undergraduate level, so that we’re not discriminating against one building or one department, that was really the idea to broadcast all of the beautiful things going on on campus,” Leon said.

The celebration held at the SU library will help them get the word out about the new publication and show their achievements.

“Oh extremely proud, absolutely, this is an amazing accomplishment, most universities don’t have an undergrad research journal so the fact that we have students doing this kind of work and that we can put it together to showcase is a really big deal,” Dr. Chrys Egan, SU Communications Professor, said.

Students said they hope “Laridae” will become popular not only at Salisbury University, but also at other universities.

They also told us that they intend to continue the tradition with an annual fall publication.


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