Governor John Carney signs school safety legislation

DOVER, Del. – In Delaware, on Monday Governor John Carney signed the Delaware School Safety and Security Fund into law that will help make Delaware schools safer. The legislation which is funded with $5 million in the state’s capital budget will create a School Safety and Security Fund to help provide resources for projects intended to increase security in Delaware public schools. Officials say the new law will allow necessary improvements to be done to the first state’s traditional public and charter schools to protect students, teachers, and staff from intruders.

“I think the next step is that we see that those funds get used and that they get used for the safety of our students and that parents are also involved in the process and those conversations in seeing that the money is used in a way that keeps our children safe within the school’s buildings,” said Senator Ernie Lopez.

Safety projects that could be funded by this new law includes active shooter training, better camera and monitoring equipment, bus camera security systems and much more.


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