Worcester Humane running black cat special

One local humane society is hoping to break the stigma of a certain coat color, by letting adopters choose their own fee. 

The Worcester County Humane Society is running a special for the entire month of August, just for black cats. August 17th is the official Black Cat Appreciation Day, but WCHS believes they deserve more than just a day! 

For the month of August, those interested in adopting a black cat or kitten, will be able to pay whatever adoption fee they see fit. According to WCHS, Many people consider black cats to be unlucky, or related to superstitions. That is why they are the hardest color cats to get adopted.

The shelter's best advice when it comes to choosing a new pet, is to head out and meet them. WCHS is currently caring for more than 150 cats and kittens, with 40 of those eligible for the black cat special. 

WCHS is open every day except Mondays from 11-5. Available animals can be viewed on the shelter’s website.  Follow the shelter on Facebook and Instagram for updates on events and available pets. 

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