Pocomoke PD hosts community meeting to tackle serious issues

  Dozens of residents, police officials, and government leaders  all gathered in one place with one goal in mind. To tackle a variety of hot topics, issues that are affecting the men and women who call Pocomoke home. 

"It's our opportunity to make a bridge for the community, educate them on some things that they may not be aware of and also to receive any feedback that we can from them in the process," said Lieutenant of the Pocomoke City Police Department Arthur Hancock.

Officials say they have routinely tackled several issues during their quarterly meetings and one of those is the opioid epidemic.

"Its almost weekly, almost daily now that you hear about these and not just through the news but in our own communities. As a community leader and as a pastor in this community these things are very important for me as a dad with three children this is very important to me," said Reverend Wayne Ayer.

In addition to the opioid epidemic police are working to get the public more involved and have spent time looking into a citizen police academy.

"It gives the citizens the opportunity on various different levels to be in the police officers position, shoot don't shoot situations, a traffic stop situation, and I believe it gives the public a better perspective and understanding of things," said Hancock.

"This is a great idea. I think that the greater awareness that we can have through this program, I myself will probably be a participant in it because I'm very interested in knowing what they're up against and how I can effectively support them," said Ayre.

Officials say that they hope these community meetings will help the city of Pocomoke improve going forward. 

The department says they expect to hold their next community meeting by the end of the fall season.
As for the citizen police academy, they're hopeful that the program will be up and running by February of next year.



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