Pocomoke Elementary School to finish construction for outdoor learning classroom

Outdoor Classroom
Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

POCOMOKE, Md – The walls are up, the soil’s planted, and now, Pocomoke Elementary School officials are just waiting to put the finishing touches on their new nature-inspired Outdoor Learning Classroom.

“Everyone is looking extremely forward to it and I know I can’t wait to come outside and watch as the children learn in their environment,” said Principal of the Elementary School Michael Browne.

“We really wanted to give the kids something that they haven’t had before,” said Lowe’s store manager Scott Gausmann.

Back in 2016 the elementary school received close to$8,000 in grant money from the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education program to build the classroom.

“We’re going to have various plants and what not in there for the children to help to grow and go through the whole plant cycle process which is actually one of their science units,” said Browne.

Planning for the project began in 2017, and now the school’s dream to bring enrichment to it’s student’s lives is finally coming true.

“If we are doing activities that are discussing their activities then what better way than to actually have them outdoors hands involved and actually physically going through the activities as opposed to going through textbooks,” said Browne.

With the newest addition, students will partake in a number of educational outdoor activities and that includes the work that they’ll do inside this greenhouse while learning about different food systems and plant life cycles.

“It’s really important in these small towns, small communities that we give the kids every opportunity to learn as much as they can outside of the classroom ,” said Gausmann.

School officials say they’re confident the new classroom will ignite a passion inside their students and motivate them to learn more each and every day.

“For them to physically go outside and take an active role in their learning, research shows its the best way for children to retain the information that they receive and physically taking part in the learning activities,” said Browne.

Because of the weather officials say they may not be able to get everything finished for the outdoor classroom today.

Outdoor Classroom

But they did assure us that they will have everything complete before the start of the new year.

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