Officials provide update regarding five points intersection proposals

In Lewes officials are working on fixing traffic issues of their own. On Monday night the five points study group- officially voted on a total of 104 proposals created to solve the congestion issue over at the five points intersection. Among those solutions included a controversial proposal to turn an abandoned railroad bed into a highway near local neighborhoods. On Tuesday, 47 ABC spoke with members of the group to learn more about the status of that proposed solution as well as what the next steps are going forward.

"Was one in particular that brought up some concerns from folks in the vicinity of the railroad bed location and that vote when it came up for a vote was shot down by vote about 9 to 3 so again those of us on the committee took a lot of feedback from the public and we paid close attention to what their thoughts were," said State Senator of District 6 Ernie Lopez.

The next community meeting to discuss the five points intersection will be held on August 27th. It's a workshop that is open for the public to attend. We're told people will be able to learn about each and every proposal that will be considered to address the intersection issue.

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