Ocean City approves plan to build solar panels

Ocean City is getting a little greener. The last council meeting revealed that the resort town is putting more money into eco-friendly electric power methods. 25 percent of energy in OC comes from eco-friendly outlets.

Maryland only requires cities to use at a minimum10 percent of energy from renewable resources.

With the new measures approved in the 6-1 council vote, that percentage could double within the next year.

That means 45 thousand taxpayer dollars are going toward the planned solar panel farm off of route 50 and 90.

Gail Blazer is an environmental engineer with Ocean City Council she says the money spent on this solar panel farm is an important investment that will help the community too. 

Blazer said, "People can come to this community knowing that their dollars are well spent in a community that's going to put it back into a greener sustainable community."

Melissa Motter, an ocean city visitor said,  "Raising a child in today's world, it's important to be able to have your child play outside and breathe clean air."

While it may seem like a large sum of money now, Gail says in the long run using 'greener' methods of electricity will save the town money for years to come to the tune of about 180 thousand dollars a year.

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