Milton church dealing with vandalism on their property; suspects still unknown

Usually places of worship are safe spots, free of crime, and the dangers of the outside world. But for some reason, it seems people have targeted a sanctuary in Milton. 

The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist says possible signs of vandalism have been happening this past month.

Father Tom White tells us, "We noticed seven shrubs had been yanked from our landscape and taken away we thought the motive was either vandalism or theft. Another shrub had been taken away and sadly several shrubs had been sprayed with poison and the leaves have turned brown and the plant has died."

These crimes happening two times in one month and the result $500 worth of damage and stolen property.

"We're now concerned that it's vindictiveness; against the church, violating the church, that is really tragic," Father White says. 

Several community members tell us they are appalled by these actions. 

Milton Police department currently has no possible suspects. Chief Robert Longo says at first they thought it could have been kids committing pranks but now with back-to-back crimes, they believe it's something more serious. "The reason behind it, we don't have a motive. We can't come up with a motive yet," Chief Longo tells 47 ABC. 

Until someone is caught, this small community, is just wondering how this could happen here. But that's not stopping them from being supportive. 

Milton PD has offered to replace all the plants and community members have been bringing in donations. Donations would also be used for maintenance.

If you or anyone else has any information, you can contact Milton PD at 302-684-8547.

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