Millsboro Police Department plans to move into a bigger facility

Millsboro is absolutely buzzing with activity and that's no surprise because the population has exploded. 

It's one of the fastest growing areas in the first state and that's making it hard for government agencies to keep up with demand. 

Currently, the Millsboro Police Department is about 5,000 square feet and they are running out of space. Space is crucial, in order to run a smooth operation. But for now, the officers are cramped. 

Chief Brian Calloway says, "I have two detectives and an accreditation manager that share an additional office. Our patrol staff, which approximately is 12 police officers, they have one area with two desks."

These close quarters were enough when they first moved in in 1996, housing 9 police officers, but they've grown to 16, almost doubling in size. 

They've already purchased the building next door and they're hoping to get their hands on even more property. The new building would have offices for their detectives and command staff. It would also have interview rooms for victims. Beyond that, they plan to have a holding cell as well as a victim's services employee. The property is expect to be around 12-16,000 square feet. 

Their Police Department is just trying to keep up with one of the fastest growing towns in the state. Town manager, Sheldon Hudson, says Millsboro is growing by 10-15%, population wise. The newest building would be built for the next 30 years, as they continue to grow. 

As their department expands, they hope to add even more to their team. "A new police station really says a lot about not just about your Police Department but for your entire community. So this hopefully will be a meeting place for community members, it would also be a retention tool, a recruitment tool," Chief Calloway says. 

Construction costs are still in the works at this time, so those numbers are up in the air. If everything runs smoothly, the police department can be in their new home in the next three years. 

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